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Brennen & Brown was established by Rich Bamber, a gin enthusiast, using a traditional methodology of mixing the botanicals directly with the base alcohol to produce a high quality gin, full of crisp, clearly defined flavours.  This traditional approach is contrasted by the use of a modern, rotary evaporator, which distills the gin in a glassware vacuum at a low temperature.  This prevents overheating of the botanicals and maintains the integrity of the fresh, organic ingredients that are used.

As a delicious twist, the gin is infused with ginger and the vodka with plum & cardamom.


Brennen & Brown Vodka with a hint of Cardamom & Plum

£38.50 70cl Brennen & Brown Vodka with cardamom & plum has a wonderful sweetness from the plum. It’s rich in fruit and lightly fragranced with the flowery aroma of cardamom that delivers a spiced warm…

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